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Produkt: IB-Tron 350HT - Electronic thermostat

IB-Tron 350HT - Electronic thermostat

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Wiadomości ogólne:

IB-Tron 350HT thermostat is independent microprocessor controller with large LCD display. The thermostat is designed to control work of valves, air dampers, electric air heaters, pumps and other appliances controlled on the base on/off.

IB-Tron 350HT thermostat allows to maintain the desired temperature in building/room by regulation of heating room.

IB - Tron 350HT thermostat allows to save energy costs. Thermostat contributes to protect environment. IB-Tron 350HT thermostats can be commonly used in: hotels, offices, supermarkets, factories, hospitals, houses and other buildings.


  • Readable LCD display which shows current temperature and other information.
  • Esthetic and modern design.
  • Easy, intuitive operating.
  • Power supply from network - it doesn’t reguire batteries.
  • Support of two temperature sensor:
    • RT - buit-in room temperature sensor.
    • FT - additional external temperature sensor e.g. floor area, hot water tank.
  • Three modes of thermostat operating:
    • A - Device control is based only on built-in temperature sensor (RT)
    • F - Device control is based only on connected external sensor (FT)
    • AF - Device control is based on built-in sensor (RT) and connected external sensor (FT). Thermostat is trying to keep desired air temperature and simultaneously prevents the floor reaching higher temperature than limit of FT temperature (when limit of FT temperature is exceeded, actuating device is disabled).
  • Displayed temperature with 0,1 oC accuracy.
  • The possibility of calibrate device (external sensors on long wires).
  • Adjustable hysteresis.
  • Temperature limit on FT sensor.
  • Large load - to 3,5 kW - allows to direct connection most of electrical appliances without the use of contactor.
  • Variable, adjustable and wide temperature range.
  • Thermostat is configurated by micro-switches - no worrying about the memory settings of the device after a power failure. The current temperature setting is remembered and restored when power returns. similarly, if thermostat was turned off before power failure, after return of power, thermostat will be also turned off.

Technical Data:

  • Energy consumption: 2 W
  • Storage temperature: -20 ÷ 60 ºC
  • Setting range: -15 ÷ 99 ºC co 0,5 ºC
  • Accuracy: 2 ºC
  • Hysteresis: 0,1; 0,5; 1 lub 2 ºC
  • Maximum load: 3500 W
  • Power supply: 230V ± 15% 50/60 Hz
  • Casing: ABS
  • Type of sensor: NTC 10 kΩ
  • Control: Elektroniczne
  • Protection rating: IP30
  • Moisture conditions: 5 ÷ 90%

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Thermostat (the main panel)
  • 1x Built-in temperature sensor
  • 1x External temperature sensor
  • 1x Operating manual

General considerations:

Due to the fact that thermostat has power adapter without transformer (it isn’t galvanically separated from the power supply 230V), it can be connected only to power supply, which has got differential-current protection.
During installation of thermostat, the supply of electricity should be turned off. It’s recommended to entrust the installation a specialized institution.
The thermostat gives 230V voltage on the output (support of pump, valve, air damper, heating mat etc.). If thermostat has to operate normally open/normally closed device, so-called: contact device (for example: gas heating stove), it will be required additional normally open/normally closed relay. We have these relays in our offer.

Operating principle:

Thermostat measures the temperature. If this temperature is below the current desired value, the thermostat wants to run heating device to raise temperature to the desired level.

Thermostat may be used in refrigeration by a reversed connection of cooling device than in case of connection of heating device (using additional relay).

Example of applications:

  • Room thermostat - controlling of temperature in room or entire building (mode A).
  • Tank thermostat - controlling of temperature in the hot water tank (mode F).
  • Floor thermostat - controlling of floor temperature (mode F or mode AF).
  • Pump controller - switching on the pump after reaching suitable temperature by the boiler (cooling, mode F).



LCD Display:




Exemplary connection diagrams:


Connecting of the thermostat and valve with actuator (type IB-Qxx):


Turning on/turning off Thermostat:

To turn on or turn off the thermostat, press and hold for about 5 seconds both buttons: UP and DOWN.

Temperature setting:

In normal mode of thermostat work (when current temperature is displaying), press button ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’. On display will appear inscription ‘Set to’ and starts flashing desired value of temperature, which can be changed up or down, pressing buttons ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’. After setting the desired temperature, wait a few seconds, then thermostat will automatically move to normal work mode.


After proper connection the controller is ready to work. The controller is factory calibrated to work with standard sensor. However, with long wires, displayed temperature may be different from real temperature. In this case you have to calibrate the device by yourself.

Reading of FT temperature in AF mode:

Thermostat, working in mode A, indicates temperature of built-in sensor (RT), working in mode F- indicates temperature of external sensor (FT). In AF mode, default is displaying RT temperature.

Configuration of thermostat:

Device is configurated by using 9 switches (SW1-SW9) type DIP-SWITCH. Access to the switches is possible by removing the back part of casing. To do this, lift the latch at the bottom of casing and separate its two parts. All of switches are default set in position ‘OFF’.

  • OFF - switch in the bottom position
  • ON - switch in the top position



Temperature units:

Thermostat allows to display temperature in oC or oF, depending on settings of switch SW1.


Hysteresis means a difference (in oC or oF)between threshold of switching on and switching off the actuating device.For example: If set temperature is 20oC and hysteresis is set on 1oC, the actuating (heating) device will be switched on when the temperature falls below 19oC and device will be switched off after temperature increase above 21oC. Next switching on of actuating device will be again after temperature decrease below 19oC.

Higher value of hysteresis reduces number of cycles switch on/switch off of actuating device (saving device), but it causes greater temperature fluctuations.

To set hysteresis are used switches SW2 and SW3.

Można nastawić następujące wartości histerezy:

  • Hysteresis 2oC / 4oF 2ºC / 4ºF
  • Hysteresis 2oC / 4oF 0.1ºC / 1ºF
  • Hysteresis 2oC / 4oF 0.5ºC / 2ºF
  • HHysteresis 2oC / 4oF 1ºC / 3ºF

Work mode:

Thermostat can work in three modes:

  • A - Control of device is based only on built-in temperature sensor (RT).
  • F - Control of device is based only on connected external sensor (FT).
  • AF - Device control is based on built-in sensor (RT) and connected external sensor (FT). Thermostat is trying to keep desired air temperature and simultaneously prevents the floor reaching higher temperature than limit of FT temperature (when limit of FT temperature is exceeded, actuating device is disabled).
To set work mode of thermostat are used switches SW6 and SW7.

Limit of FT temperature:

To set limit of FT temperature in mode AF are used switches SW4 and SW5. When limitation is activated, heating device is priority turned off.

Available limit of FT temperature:

  • Temp. limit FT 20ºC / 68ºF
  • Temp. limit FT 28ºC / 82ºF
  • Temp. limit FT 40ºC / 104ºF

Range of temperature settings:

Depending on application of thermostat, user can use different setting temperature ranges. Thermostat has 3 ranges of temperature settings.

To set range of temperature settings are used switches SW8 and SW9.

Available range of temperature settings:

  • Range 5~45ºC / 41~113ºF
  • Range 0~80ºC / 32~176ºF
  • Range -15~99ºC / 5~212ºF


  • Parameters
    • Number of supported temperature sensors 2
    • Number of relays (total) 1
    • Ethernet communication Nie
    • RS-485 communication Nie
    • Remote control Nie
    • Backlight Nie
    • Controlling Elektroniczne
    • Power supply 230V AC


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